We provide foreign language learning through specialized courses tailored to each student's goals and preferences.

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Our successful and efficient language services can be optimized for the commercial market.

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Government Agencies

Our long-standing government experience is the ideal standard and allows us to adapt to any agency's needs.

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In Country Language Training with DLS Partner Schools

The DLS Partner School program now offers students opportunities to study in over 30 carefully selected locations, while dealing directly with a well-established US-based language services provider that liaises with... Read More

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Corrective Feedback in the Foreign Language Classroom

Corrective feedback (CF) has always been a challenging issue for foreign language learners and teachers since the effectiveness of various types of CF is questioned by proponents of different approaches to foreign language teaching which makes it difficult for the teachers to decide when and how to correct students. Some theories and research claim that...


Technology Tools for Language Students: Practice, Enhancement & Maintenance

Like in most industries today, technology is quickly becoming a standard component of many language training programs. Whether it be mobile apps, websites, video conferencing software, or podcasts, there are countless options available to help instructors and learners enhance their language learning and teaching experiences. While other technology tools are...


Making Life Better

Our Purpose at DLS is now more important and valuable than ever: We make the world better when we understand each other. I have always believed that the purpose of a business is to make the world better. And, while we can't force the world to be better, we can do our part by making our business better. We accomplish this is by making ourselves better...


In The Community

Bright and early on Saturday, May 11, DLS employees, friends, and family gathered at the National Mall in support of the 23rd annual Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure in Washington, D.C. Upon their arrival, and the donning of bright pink t-shirts, the group became “Team DLS for the Cure” and proceeded to either walk or run a 5K, (1.3 mile) route that wrapped around D.C.’s Tidal Basin.


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