We provide foreign language learning through specialized courses tailored to each student's goals and preferences.

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Our successful and efficient language services can be optimized for the commercial market.

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Government Agencies

Our long-standing government experience is the ideal standard and allows us to adapt to any agency's needs.

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In Country Language Training with DLS Partner Schools

The DLS Partner School program now offers students opportunities to study in over 30 carefully selected locations, while dealing directly with a well-established US-based language services provider that liaises with... Read More

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CALICO Conference

Leigh Heylin, Learning Technology Specialist, and Christina Hayes, Language Training Supervisor for Asian and African Languages, attended the annual CALICO conference this year at Michigan State University in lovely East Lansing, Michigan. CALICO, the Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium, is an international organization dedicated to...


Can I Learn to Speak a Foreign Language Without an Accent?

  Can I learn to speak a foreign language without an accent?  No, sorry.  Or maybe that’s not so bad? After your very early teens, the chance that you can learn to speak a new language without an accent is vanishingly small. Not only the speech sounds, but also the rhythm and intonation will give you away. But many people find a...


Field Trip Program for World Language Training and Instruction

Appropriate for: students with level 1+ and above. Purpose: Field trips are defined as planned curricular or extracurricular experience for our adult students. Field trips enable us to enhance the educational objectives, to better apply the target language into daily life, to make the learning and instruction content-based, to generate enough output...


In The Community

Bright and early on Saturday, May 11, DLS employees, friends, and family gathered at the National Mall in support of the 23rd annual Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure in Washington, D.C. Upon their arrival, and the donning of bright pink t-shirts, the group became “Team DLS for the Cure” and proceeded to either walk or run a 5K, (1.3 mile) route that wrapped around D.C.’s Tidal Basin.


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